Thank you so much for visiting my site. So many times in life, I felt ashamed about letting  the world know that I was silently suffering and that I needed help.

It was a journey that I had to go through alone, but you don’t have to. 

 I decided then that if I ever became strong enough and had the time I would put together something that would be all about good positive things. A place where I can make people smile even if it is for a minute or a place where they know they can feel safe expressing their feelings without being judged.

And I did it!

Here is my new website called “Detox the Soul”. Its a place where people can come to when they are feeling down. Together we can make this world a happier place, I truly believe this! 



Tami Shaikh


8 thoughts on “Welcome!!!

  1. Tami you are a beautiful soul and a remarkable person. Never give up hope as Allah ALWAYS take care of you. You have raised incredible children and your family is proud of you. Love you lots.

  2. Oh My Tami, I absolutley LOVE your SOUL and SPIRIT! We barely met at the Swaziland Fundraiser but our mutual friend Ana told me to check out your new website! Congratulations on a job Very Well Done! Love the simplicity and sincerity of it! I would love to go for a walk and talk with you and get to know you a little better. We have A LOT in common. Primarily I serve women of a certain age learn how to make themselves a priority without guilt or shame, heal emotional eating, eliminate their dependance on sugar, reach their healthy weight, regain their energy, reclaim their sex appeal and verve for living through natural, sustainable and a joyous approach…without giving up chocolate, wine or havarti cheese! I offer a 28 day jumpstart and a 90 day total body transformation as well as other self-help programs on my web site. http://www.dddevin.com

  3. My daily obligations sometimes becomes a hurdle in getting to know some very amazing people. ….you def being one! But thanks to Facebook, I’ve atayed in touch with life. You are an amazing mom raising three responsible human beings . For someone who has been through so much and still been able to bring positivity, it’s just commendable. Good Luck with everything you decide to conquer.

  4. Ever second person is suffering from same issue,a person like you is a great sport to the humanity. Our small words and action could be harmful which destroy the lives ,and on the other hand word and action could give new life.Stay blessed for this step.God will give you His strength and wisdomm

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